Merit Scholarships

You are eligible for a FWS Scholarship if you are admitted as a student to Woodstock but your family income is above the School’s financial aid criteria or the School recommends you for a Merit Scholarship. 

In order to be considered for a FWS Merit Scholarship, students must demonstrate meritorious achievement in academic work, the arts, leadership, or in service activities, or in any other priority area identified by the School from time to time. The School may choose different areas to target within this category from year to year, whether it be students from certain cultural backgrounds, religious backgrounds, or students with specific skills or abilities. Such target areas will be set annually by the School Administration in order to support the School’s diversity targets.


Following your admission to Woodstock School and the outcome of your financial aid application, FWS will contact you directly if you are recommended by Woodstock and eligible to apply for a FWS scholarship.


As of January 2023, we are now including Scholars for Peace in our donation section.  Donations for Scholars for Peace will not be used to establish Woodstock School's Scholarship Endowment Fund or the School's Scholars for Peace Endowment Fund. These endowment funds may also be supported through the donation section of our website.