Volunteer Service Award

To honor Glenn Conrad’s years of volunteer service, the Board of Directors of FWS has established the GLENN CONRAD VOLUNTEER SERVICE AWARD. This award will honor and recognize alumni and friends of Woodstock School for outstanding volunteer service of time, expertise and commitment, which result in the improvement, development and enhancement of the mission, vision and goals of FWS and/or Woodstock School.


Terms and Conditions


  • The award will be given annually if there are successful nominees who meet the criteria.
  • Nominations should be sent to the President of FWS by May 1 for review by a special Task Force appointed by the President. The FWS Board of Directors will make the final decision on the recommendations of the Task Force.
  • Nominations should include a nominating letter describing the volunteer's service, the nature, duration and purpose of the service, and how the service benefited either or both Woodstock School or FWS.
  • Two supporting letters endorsing the nomination.
  • Successful nominees will be informed by letter of their nomination and invited to attend the next Annual Meeting of the Members of FWS to receive the award.
  • The award will be in the form of a plaque and citation and will be announced in the publications of FWS and Woodstock School.